Parish Council

Parish Pastoral Advisory Council


Father Hill, Administrator

Robert Caulfield, Trustee

John Lombardo, Trustee

Lou Ponzillo, President

Jay Jannaccio, Vice President

B Carrington Lawlor, Secretary

Steve Derasmo, Director of Religious Education

Angelo Gizzi

Antholy Gizzi

Susan Madden

Michael Madden

Andy Savo

Lynn Zinno


Parish Council Meeting Minutes

May 2, 2016

  1. Meeting called to order 7:14pm.
    Attending members: John Lombardo, Trustee, Lou Ponzillo, Jay Jannaccio, Betsy Conway, Father Allan, Stephen Derasmo, DRE, Bill White, Lynn Zinno, Barbara Carrington-Lawlor, Cheryl Rinaldi, Diana  Rinaldi, Cathy Caiazzo, Bob Gerace, Andy Savo
    Absent members: Deacon Mike, Kateri Kenney, Bob Caufield, Trustee, Don Perugini, Dom Calabrese
  2. Opening Prayer at 7:15pm
  3. Coffee and...-need volunteers
  4. Mexican Fiesta Celebration- May 14, 2016
    a. Audra has prepared the decorations, may need tablecloths
    b. Ticket sales slow but may pick up- 40 tickets sold up until today
    c. 50/50 raffle only
    d. Dessert is not included
    e. Need volunteers for setup (9:00am), service and cleanup- Andy and Steve for service and cleanup
  5. Mother's/Father's Day Breakfast- June 5, 2016
    a. Jay and Andy to chair
    b. Need tickets- Andy suggests having one person responsible for ordering tickets for all events- order 150
    c. Need volunteers
    d. 2 waves after each mass, not in between- no breakfast during mass
    e. Instead of chaffing dishes, serve from window
  6. Schedule of meetings for 2016/2017
    a. Executive Committee Meetings-
        Mondays at 7:15pm in rectory
           August 15, 2016, October 24, 2016, December 19, 2016, February 20, 2017, April 17, 2017
    b. Parish Council meetings- Mondays at 7:15pm in hall
           September 12, 201, November 7, 2016, January 9, 2017, March 6, 2017, May 8, 2017
  7. Parish Picnic- September 11, 2016- Andy and Jay to chair
    a. Set up indoor
    b. Cathy will put together a new, different menu
        Hamburgers, hot dogs, roasted chicken with BBQ on the side, possibly soup or chili
        Church provides drinks and paper goods, corn, baked beans, macaroni salad, cole slaw
    c. May have 2 cooks from Frankies
    d. Few games for kids
    e. Desserts donated by parishioners 
    f. Raffle to be held
  8. Holiday Expo- Bake sale and raffle- November 19, 2016 from 10-3
    a. Cook something during the expo?
    b. Form a committee from Parish Council members to finalize details
    c. Committee meeting June 13, 2016 at 7:00pm
    d. Pie sale at the expo for Christmas instead of for Thanksgiving
    e. Announcements after masses- Lou, Barbara, and Bill
  9. 2017 Dinners schedule
    a. Lou suggests $5 dinners
  10. Breakfast with Santa- December 4, 2016- Andy and Jay to chair
    a. Need tickets and volunteers
  11. Giving Tree- Andy to chair- gifts go to Boys and Girls Club and Salvation Army
    a. Need volunteers
  12. Cheryl shows the Kitchen Inventory
    a. Event chairs get a copy before each event to record used products, then replace stock of those products after event concludes
    b. Need another inventory for paper products
    c. Need instructions on using the inventory